Jacob Jansen

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Jacob Jansen’s early life is veiled by a shroud of mystery that even the most probing security checks cannot penetrate. What little is known can only be gleaned from whispered rumors, some wild and fanciful. What is known for certain is that he was born on the planet Hapes, but Hapan Intelligence insists that census information on the Jansen family was lost more than a decade ago, leaving sparse records supplied by Jacob himself.

At an early age, Jacob entered the Hapan Naval Academy where he studied galactic Naval tactics. HNA records show that Jacob was an excellent student, and that HNA officials looked forward eagerly to the day when his rising star would lead in the Hapan Navy. However, this was not to be. Although Hapan in origin, many have attested to the fact that Jacob is not very Hapan in his outlook. although most Hapans never leave the Hapes Cluster, Jacob wanted to strike out on his own and explore beyond the isolated Hapan borders. A loud disagreement with his commanding officer is the only blot on Jacob’s record from the HNA, and it proved the motivation for Jacob to begin the pursuit of his desires. Resigning from the Academy, Jacob defied Hapan law and departed the Hapes Cluster, spending most of his savings for a small ship to make for the Galactic Core.

The small and rickety ship Jacob had bought was not up for the long voayage to the core worlds, and Jacob was obliged to divert his journey to the Trade Federation’s Glythe Sector. The Trade Federation long enjoyed a reputation for trustworthiness among the Hapan people, and Jacob traveled to Glythe seeking asylum and a chance to put his Hapan naval training to good use.

Joining the Federation

Upon arriving on Vinsoth, Jacob quickly made his way to the the local recruitment office. All of his entry examinations were passed with extremely high scores, drawing the attention of recruitment commanders. Looking for an opportunity to explore Jacob’s potential, Federation Command placed him in the 2nd Fleet under Kell Archis, where Jacob was given command of the Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser TFN Peacekeeper. His performance in the Department of Defense was outstanding and he quickly gained the trust of Archis who promoted Jacob to the rank of Tribune and Trias Territory Military Governor.

The position of Military Governor gave Jacob his first true taste of command in the Trade Federation. In what was to become a feature of his tactical career, Tribune Jansen provided a strong defense system for the Trias Territory’s small selection fo star systems. The defense implementations at Trias gained Tribune Jansen significant support from Director of Defense Kell Archis, who recognized the value of the organizational mind under his command. In time, Director of Archis resigned his post and his Deputy, Centauri Tyridius assumed command of the Department of Defense. Throughout their long time working together, Tribune Jansen and Director Tyridius formed a strong friendship and remain today on the best of terms.