Ted Winner

Some character-specific content

Ted was a sheltered farmer on Tatooine most of his life. He always wanted to go into space, but was never able to. Ted specialized in repairing the droids and other mechanical objects. Most of the time, if he took something apart that was broken he would put it together fixed. Ted left his dwelling one day saying he was going to check on the moisture vaporators. Ted left and met some of his school friends and forgot about checking the machines. Ted the next day was sent to collect the water from the vaporators. As he was collecting it, one of the vaporators exploded wounding him, and nearly killing him on the spot. Ted was rushed to the hospital and doesn’t really remember the next few years due to that. Then on Year 9 Day 93, his parents were ruthlessly murdered by an as-of-yet unknown bounty hunter. He was left on Tatooine as an orphan wandering around looking for random jobs, doing whatever he could do to earn credits, and to stay alive in a unfamiliar setting. He started looking for a full-time job instead of just walking around doing odd chores. He was turned down in most every job due to many different reasons. He eventually found a job, though, that paid one of the best salaries. He was accepted into Baktoid Armour Workshop which was under the leadership of a guy named Gadon Trammer. Ted waited a good couple months being told that he would be picked up soonTM. Eventually, Ted was brought into space for the first time. His first thought was, “I never knew space was this busy.” In time Ted learned how to pilot ships and was busy moving ships wherever he was told to go. (He even made a few mistakes by moving his CO who was in the ship he was to move.) Ted started moving his way up in the galaxy, he learned how to fight with his bosses, and win occasionally. Suddenly, Gadon left BAW and Metyl Onyx took over. Ted was shocked, and offered to help Metyl in any way possible. In time Ted was transferred to the Construction Department and became the main builder for BAW. He made a few mistakes and was punished but for the most part he did very well.

Following his stint working construction for the BAW, Ted worked as Director Onyx’s assistant. Together the two were responsible for the design and construction of new factory cities. In time, Metyl moved on, but Ted stayed in the BAW working with a number of directors, the last of whom was Takhisis.

Takhisis recognized that Ted had more potential could be utilized by the BAW, and so arranged a transfer to the Trade Federation’s naval production arm – the Techno Union. Ted started in the TU in the Ktil system under Garon Lennister. A few months later, he was offered the opportunity to pursue system manager training, a chance that Ted seized. Ted trained in the Tirahnn system under Torran Forano.

Upon the completion of his training, Torran and the then-director Dagur Amon were promoted out of the TU, and Garon was promoted to Director. As his parting move, Dagur appointed Ted as system manager of Tirahnn on Year 13, 108.

Following the Techno Union’s rebranding to Kuat Drive Yards, Ted was promoted to Deputy-Director on Year 13, Day 286. As Deputy-Director, he continued to run the Tirahnn system, but also took on the additional responsibility of managing the Colla system. In time, KDY up-and-comer Sivad William was appointed to the post of Tirahnn system manager.

During his time in KDY, Ted also accepted a position developing the Trade Federation holosite – a job he continues in today. He also volunteered to help maintain the TF Library, a post that began on Year 13, Day 122. He was eventually promoted to Director of the Library program, an appointment that ended on Year 14, Day 249 with his resignation. Later that year on Y14 D341, Ted was promoted to Director of Kuat Drive Yards.