Baktoid Armour Workshop

Some faction-specific content

The Clone Wars Era

The Baktoid brand first appears in the Galactic Corporate Registry more than ten years before the beginning of the Clone Wars. At that time, Baktoid served as the vehicle manufacturing subsidiary for the Trade Federation, and Baktoid engineers were decisive influences in the development of heavy armor vehicles such as the Armoured Attack Tank and the STAP.

In the Trade Federation’s Expansionist Era, Baktoid Armour Workshop enjoyed great success. As the Federation agressively pursued an expansionist policy, demand for quality combat vehicles swelled and the fledgling vehicle faction grew rapidly. However, the success did not last. The Trade Federation deployed an unprecedented number of troops and vehicles at the battle for the planet Naboo, but lost the battle. As part of the ensuing effort to mollify the Senate and to prevent political rivalry on Neimoidia, the Trade Federation closed Baktoid Armour Workshop, merging its resources and employees into Haor Chall Engineering. As the Trade Federation took its place in the separatist side of the Clone Wars, the Baktoid brand was left unused. It became all but forgotten in the Federation’s fall from prominence after the Clone Wars ended.